DYNA 8000 Series Rotary Actuators

Woodward DYNA 8000 Series rotary actuators are components of governor systems that provide engine governing for speed and power control of piston and gas turbine engines or steam and water turbines.

The DYNA hazardous duty actuators are UL listed for Class I, Division 2, Group D, hazardous duty applications often encountered in petroleum or chemical industries.

The actuator consists of an electromagnet with an iron armature rolling on the center shaft bearings, and has a return spring that balances the magnetic force of the armature. When DC current flows in the coil, the magnetic force moves the armature in the stator. This linear motion is transformed into rotary motion through a crank arm that forms part of the output shaft.

The all-electric, proportional actuators are compatible with all engines and can be mounted in any position on the engine.

Torque ranges for the 8000 Series actuators are:

  • DYNA 8000: 1.4 N•m (1.0 lb-ft) with a 35° travel range
  • DYNA 8200: 4.1 N•m (3.0 lb-ft) with a 45° travel range
  • DYNA 8400: 7.3 N•m (5.4 lb-ft) with a 45° travel range


  • High reliability due to few moving parts
  • Spring returns output shaft to minimum position
  • Clockwise and counterclockwise rotations available
  • Precise repeatability
  • Mounts in any position