Early Stage Services

QCC is a smart alternative for organizations with early and expansion stage products. We help innovative products come to market faster, delivering a competitive edge that can achieve accelerated results and a speedier return on investment.

With more than 60 years of precision manufacturing services, experienced engineering, project management expertise and international sourcing connections, we’ll help you get your new product off the ground so you can focus on core production-level manufacturing, and avoid the disruption of new process development before reaching minimum efficient scale. 

With QCC as your Strategic Manufacturing Partner, you’ll

  • Build a supply chain and receive sourcing assistance
  • Define manufacturing processes during design development
  • Create assembly and test procedures
  • Transition to a high-volume producer when production escalates
  • Experience seamless transition processes

Confidentiality is never an issue—your intellectual property is safe with us because we’re not product designers (except for mechanical seals). We’ll launch your product correctly and on time, just the way you intended.

Contact us to see how we can partner with you on an early stage project.

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