Legacy Product Support

As your business evolves and product lines mature, maintaining and supplying older products can drain your company’s resources. What was once profitable business is now costly overhead. Continuing to produce lower-volume, slow-moving items results in more expensive manufacturing, increased inventories and saps precious resources needed to support your core products.

QCC’s Legacy Product Support helps you maximize production of core products while continuing to meet existing customer demand for legacy products. Partner with QCC and you’ll:

  • Gain a home for non-core products
  • Continue supply to key customers
  • Reduce and control operating costs
  • Improve asset utilization
  • Achieve a transparent, seamless solution

Our proven process begins with an assessment of the product and processes needed to manufacture it, and finishes with a post-transfer audit to ensure that the program meets your goals and satisfies end-users. We can act as an OEM extension, producing and testing products, servicing parts and shipping them to customers on your behalf. Or we can assume entire responsibility for a product line, including intellectual property and equipment.

Answer yes to any of the following and you may have a candidate for QCC Legacy Product Support:

  • Do you have a product line with more than two or three years of declining sales but an installed customer base to support?
  • Do you have a product line that’s less profitable than others?
  • Do you offer a service, such as aftermarket parts fulfillment, that absorbs a significant amount of resources without favorable returns?
  • Is your company in a state of organizational change?
  • Do you have a shortage of floor space?
  • Do you need to close, relocate or reconfigure a manufacturing plant?
  • Have you experienced labor force reductions or are you having difficulty finding good labor?
  • Are you stretched too thin or is it difficult to focus on core competencies?
  • Do you have difficulty maintaining continuity of supply for products with long product lifecycles?
  • Do you have a product line that takes a disproportionate amount of supplier management relative to the revenue stream?

Outsourcing legacy products to QCC allows you to focus on current and evolving opportunities—knowing that your customers’ needs for outstanding service and replacement parts will continue to be met, to the highest standards of excellence.

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